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AR 1618, A Very Active Region

This movie shows AR1618 captured at 1 minute intervals on 21 Nov 2012 from 2009-2218 UT. The plasma within active region filaments and fibrils is moving at high speed. Several small subflares pop, as well as a small C class flare. Plasma inside solar filaments can move at speeds
of 40 miles per second.

AR mag fields indicate AR1618 is classed as a Delta magnetic field that has the potential to erupt with awesome power.

One Response to “AR 1618, A Very Active Region”

  1. How many 1 Minute intervals did you string together to do one movie? This is very cool to watch the video. I have a Lunt 60mm telescope with a single stack filter and a DMK 41auo2 camera and I would like to try to make a video. At any rate this is good stuff. Bill J.

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