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Hydrogen alpha Solar Prominence Movie

This large prominence was visible on the western solar limb on 6 Nov 2012. The feature was captured at 1 minute intervals using a Lunt 100T Ha solar telescope from 1813-1936 UT. A huge cloud of plasma suspended in the corona shows helical plasma motion as well as faint, thread-like bundles of flux tubes that connect the large plasma cloud to the chromoshere. These threads appear to be aligned with the local magnetic field and do not show helical motion, but show plasma flowing downward from the cloud. It is interesting to note that the neutral line, or polarity inversion line, is really an area of mixed polarity. Prominences have weak magnetic fields of only 3-15 Gauss and several models for prominence magnetic fields exist. Typically, temperatures in a prominence/filament range from 8500-14000 F. Plasma can race around at 3 miles per second

These 2 papers summarizes our current understanding of solar prominences and provides several models for thier structure and movement. They makes great reading on a cloudy day and can be found with a simple internet search

Physics of Solar Prominences: II – Magnetic Structure and Dynamics by D.H. Mackay,· J.T. Karpen · J.L.Ballester · B. Schmieder · G. Aulanier

New perspectives on Solar prominences by B Schmieder

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